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Current Complete Show List For Shows Starting With S

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S-CRY-Ed Japan Ended
S.W.A.T. (2017)
S#*! My Dad Says United Kingdom Ended
Sabans Diabolik
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch United States Ended
Sacred Games In Development
Sacred Rivers With Simon Reeve United Kingdom Ended
Safe Running
Safe Harbour Australia Running
Safe House United Kingdom Running
Sailor Moon Japan Ended
Saint George United States Ended
Saints & Strangers Australia Ended
Salamander Belgium Ended
Salem United States Running
Salem Rogers: Model of the Year 1998 Ended
Sam & Cat United States Ended
Samantha Who? United States Ended
Sammy J & Randy in Ricketts Lane Australia Running
Samurai Champloo Japan Ended
Samurai Jack United States Running
Sanctuary United States Ended
Sando Australia Running
Sanford and Son United States Ended
Sanjay and Craig United States Running
Santa Clarita Diet
Sapphire & Steel United Kingdom Ended
Sarah Palin's Alaska
SAS: Rogue Warriors United Kingdom Running
Satisfaction United States Ended
Satisfaction (CA) United States Ended
Satisfaction (US) United States Ended
Saturday Night Live United States Running
Save Me (2013) United States Ended
Save Me (2018) Running
Saved By The Bell United States Ended
Saving Grace United States Ended
Saving Hope Canada Running
Saving My Tomorrow United States Ended
Scandal United States Running
Scarecrow and Mrs. King United States Ended
Schitt's Creek Canada Running
School of Thrones
School Pride
School Spirits United States Ended
Science Britannica United Kingdom Ended
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! United States Ended
Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated United States Ended
Scooby's All Star Laff A Lympics
Scorpion United States Running
Scott and Bailey United Kingdom Ended
Scoundrels United States Ended
Scrapheap Challenge United Kingdom Ended
Scream United States Running
Scream Queens United States Running
Scrubs United States Ended
Sea Oak
Sea Patrol Australia Ended
Sealab 2021 United States Ended
Sean Saves The World United States Ended
SeaQuest DSV United States Ended
Search Party (2016) United States Running
Second Chance (2016) United States Ended
Second Jen Canada Running
Secret Britain United Kingdom Running
Secret City Australia Running
Secret Diary of a Call Girl United Kingdom Ended
Secret Girlfriend United States Ended
Secret life of Machines
Secret Smile United Kingdom Ended
Secret State United Kingdom Ended
Secret Valley
Secrets & Lies (AU) United States To Be Determined
Secrets and Lies United States Running
Secrets and Words United Kingdom Ended
Secrets Of China
Secrets of the Castle
Secrets of the Dead United States Running
Section Zéro
See Dad Run United States Ended
Seed Canada Ended
Seinfeld United States Ended
Seinpost Den Haag Netherlands Ended
Selfie United States Ended
Sense and Sensibility (2008) United Kingdom Ended
Sense8 Running
Sensitive Skin (CA) Canada Running
Sequestered Ended
Serangoon Road Australia Ended
Série Noire
Seven Days United Kingdom Running
Seven Deadly Sins Japan Running
Seven Seconds
Seven Types of Ambiguity
Sex & the City United States Running
Sex Traffic United Kingdom Ended
Sex, Death and the Meaning of Life United Kingdom Ended
Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll United States Running
Shades Of Blue United States Running
Shadowhunters United States Running
Shake It Up! United States Ended
Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators
Shakespeare Uncovered
Shakespeare: The Animated Tales United Kingdom Ended
Shameless United States Running
Shameless (US) United States Running
Shark Korea, Republic of Ended
Sharp Objects United States In Development
Sharpe United Kingdom Ended
Shattered Canada Ended
Shaun the Sheep United Kingdom Running
She-Wolf of London United States Ended
She's Gotta Have It
Sherlock United Kingdom To Be Determined
Sherlock (2010) United Kingdom Running
Sherlock Holmes (1984) United Kingdom Ended
Sherlok Kholms (2013)
Sherri United States Running
Shetland United Kingdom Running
Shine on Harvey Moon
Shoestring United Kingdom Ended
Shogun Japan Ended
Shoot the Messenger Canada Ended
Shooter (2016) United States In Development
Shooting Stars United Kingdom Ended
Shooting the Past
Shooting the War
Shot in the Dark Running
Shots Fired
Show Me A Hero United States Ended
Shower of stars
Shrek The Halls
Shut Eye In Development
Siberia United States Ended
Siblings United Kingdom Ended
Sicily Unpacked
Sick Note
Sign (2011) Korea, Republic of Ended
Signature United Kingdom Running
Signed, Sealed, Delivered United States Running
Significant Mother United States Ended
Silent Witness United Kingdom Running
Silicon Valley United States Running
Silk United Kingdom Ended
Silver Surfer United States Ended
Sin City Saints Ended
Sin identidad (2014) Spain Ended
Sinbad United Kingdom Ended
Sinchronicity United Kingdom Ended
Single Father United Kingdom Ended
Single Ladies United States Running
Single Parents United States In Development
Single White Spenny Canada Ended
Single-Handed Ireland Ended
Sir Mortimer and Magnus
Siren (2018)
Sirens (2014) United States Ended
Sirens (UK) United States Ended
Sisters (2017)
Sit Down, Shut Up Australia Ended
Six United States In Development
Six Degrees United States Ended
Six Feet Under United States Ended
Six Wives with Lucy Worsley
Skam Norway Ended
Skins United Kingdom Ended
Skins (US) United States Ended
Slasher United States Running
Sledge Hammer United States Ended
Sleeper Cell United States Ended
Sleepy Hollow United States Running
Sleuth 101 Australia Ended
Slide Australia Ended
Sliders United States Ended
Slings and Arrows Canada Ended
Small Island United Kingdom Ended
Small Time Gangster Australia Ended
Smallville United States Ended
Smash United States Ended
Smiley's People United Kingdom Ended
Smith United States Ended
Smoking United Kingdom Ended
Snatch Running
Sneaky Pete Running
Snowy River: The McGregor Saga Australia Ended
Snuf de Hond Netherlands Ended
So Random! United States Ended
Some Girls United Kingdom To Be Determined
Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em United Kingdom Ended
Somewhere Between
Son of the Beach United States Ended
Son of Zorn United States Running
Sonic Boom
Sonny with a Chance United States Ended
Sons of Anarchy United States Ended
Sons of Liberty United States Ended
Sons of Tucson United States Ended
Sophie Canada Ended
Soul Mates Australia Running
Sound Of Song United Kingdom Ended
South of Hell United States To Be Determined
South of Nowhere United States Ended
South Park United States Running
South Riding United Kingdom Ended
Southcliffe United Kingdom Ended
Southland United States Ended
Space Dandy Japan Ended
Space Precinct United Kingdom Ended
Space: 1999 United Kingdom Ended
Space: Above and Beyond United States Ended
Spaced United Kingdom Ended
Spartacus Blood and Sand Motion Comics
Spartacus: Blood and Sand United States Ended
Spartacus: Gods of the Arena United States Ended
Spawn United States Ended
Speechless United States Running
Speed Kills
Spider-Man: The Animated Series United States Ended
Spider-Man: The New Animated Series United States Ended
Spies Of Warsaw United Kingdom Ended
Spin City United States Ended
Spirited Australia Ended
Splitting Up Together (US) United States Running
SpongeBob SquarePants United States Running
Spooks United Kingdom Ended
Spooks: Code 9 United Kingdom Ended
Spooksville United States Ended
Sports Night United States Ended
Spotless France Running
Sprawiedliwi Poland Ended
Springfloden Sweden Running
Spun Out Canada Running
SPY (2011) United Kingdom Ended
Spying on the Royals
Spyship United Kingdom Ended
Squadra antimafia Palermo Oggi Italy Running
Squidbillies United States Running
Sr. Ávila Brazil Running
Stag United Kingdom Ended
Stalker United States Ended
Stan Against Evil United States Running
Stan Lee's Lucky Man United Kingdom Running
Standoff United States Ended
Stanley Park United Kingdom Ended
Star United States Running
Star Trek United States Ended
Star Trek Continues Ended
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine United States Ended
Star Trek: Discovery Running
Star Trek: Enterprise United States Ended
Star Trek: The Animated Series United States Ended
Star Trek: The Next Generation United States Ended
Star Trek: Voyager United States Ended
Star vs. the Forces of Evil United States Running
Star Wars REBELS United States Running
Star Wars The Clone Wars United States Ended
Star Wars, Droid Tales United States Ended
Star Wars: Forces of Destiny
Star-Crossed United States Ended
Stargate Atlantis United States Ended
Stargate Origins
Stargate SG-1 United States Ended
Stargate Universe United States Ended
Stargate: Infinity United States Ended
Stark Raving Mad United States Ended
Starlings United Kingdom Ended
Stars Earn Stripes United States Ended
Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes
Starsky & Hutch United States Ended
StarTalk United States Running
StartUp Running
State of Affairs United States Ended
State of Georgia United States Ended
State of Play United Kingdom Ended
Static Shock United States Ended
Station 19
Steak Out with Kix Brooks United States Running
Stella (UK) United Kingdom Running
Stella Blomkvist
Step Up: High Water
Stephen Fry In America United Kingdom Ended
Stephen Fry: Out There United Kingdom Ended
Stephen Fry's Key to the City
Stephen Hawking's Grand Design United States Ended
Steven Seagal: Lawman United States Ended
Steven Universe United States Running
Stevie TV United States Ended
Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle United Kingdom Ended
Still Game
Still Open All Hours United Kingdom Running
Still Star-Crossed United States In Development
Still the King United States Running
Stitchers United States To Be Determined
Stone Quackers United States Running
Stonemouth United Kingdom Ended
Storage Wars United States To Be Determined
Stories from the Dark Earth: Meet the Ancestors Revisited
Storyville United States In Development
Strange Angel In Development
Strange Empire Canada Ended
Stranger (Secret Forest)
Stranger Things Running
Strangers United Kingdom Running
Strangers (2018) United Kingdom Running
Street Fighter II: V Japan Ended
Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist Ended
Strike United Kingdom To Be Determined
Strike Back United Kingdom Ended
Striking Out
Strip Search Ended
Strip The City United States Ended
Stuck in the Middle United States Running
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip United States Ended
Studio One
Submission United States Running
Suburgatory United States Ended
Suburra Running
Succession United States In Development
Sugar Rush United Kingdom Ended
Sugartown United Kingdom Ended
Suits United States Running
Sullivan & Son United States Ended
Summer Heights High Australia Ended
Summerland United States Ended
Sun Records
Sunday Night at the Palladium United Kingdom To Be Determined
Sunday Showcase
Sunnyside Canada Running
Sunset PPL United States In Development
Sunshine (2017)
SunTrap United Kingdom Running
Supah Ninjas United States Ended
Super Fun Night United States Ended
Super Monsters
Supergirl United States Running
Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle United States Ended
Superior Donuts
Superjail! United States Ended
Superman United States Ended
Superman: The Animated Series United States Ended
SuperMansion Running
Supernatural United States Running
Supernatural: The Animation Japan Ended
Superstition United States Running
Superstore United States Running
Surface United States Ended
Surveillance Oz Australia Running
Surviving Jack United States Ended
Surviving Suburbia United States Ended
Survivor United States Running
Survivor's Remorse United States Running
Survivorman United States Running
Survivorman's Secrets of Survival
Survivors United Kingdom Ended
Suspects United Kingdom Running
Svetlana United States Ended
Swallow the Sun Korea, Republic of Ended
Swamp Loggers United States Ended
Swat Kats The Radical Squadron
Sweating Bullets United States Ended
Swedish Dicks
Sweet Valley High United States Ended
Sweet/Vicious United States Ended
Sweetbitter United States In Development
Swingtown United States Ended
Switch (UK) United Kingdom Ended
Switched Running
Switched At Birth United States Running
Sword Art Online Japan Ended
Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries United States Ended
Sym-Bionic Titan United States Ended



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